Save Money on Heating & Cooling by Improving Airflow

GoVentGo redirects air to efficiently heat and cool while improving the air quality in your home.
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Benefits of Using GoVentGo:

  • GoVentGo works on most conventional registers
  • Customizable - Comes in 4 different sizes, with a gray and brown reversible insert
  • Easy to Install
  • Operation - The one-piece design allows quite operation, no vibrations
  • Durable - Made from a strong, light-weight plastic
  • Hypoallergenic - While shut, our Deflector prevents dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from entering ductwork
  • Automatically Opens & Shuts - Improves air flow and efficiently redirects your air to the center of the room
  • Diminish Unwanted Odors with our Fragrance Sheets
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Our Customers Love Their Deflectors

5 star review
No More Ugly Floor Registers!
Absolutely love the way this vent deflector hides my ugly floor registers. We had new flooring installed last year and what an improvement to the floor, but still had to live with the ugly registers and old plastic deflectors. NO MORE. The vent deflector hides the register when it is closed, and I don’t have to deal with the old deflector always being the way. I would

-Tammy B
5 star review
Could not be happier
Could not be happier. Living area is much warmer and no more cold draft that uncovered vents allowed.Matches our hardwood floors and looks great.

5 star review
Great Product - a must have
I ordered this product because my husband thought the heat needed to be directed to the middle of the living room. So as not to have an ugly deflector - I got this one to match my floor. SO much better. So easy to install, I did it myself and ordered the flooring inserts to match. LOVE IT.

-Happy Wife


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Match Your Floors
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GOVENTGO is Better

GoVentGo Deflector

Hypoallergenic: Keeps Dirt / Debris Out of Ductwork

Automatically Opens/Closes

Prevents Backdraft

Easy to Install
No Tools Required

Ability to Match Flooring or Personalize

Guaranteed 10% FPM Increase Efficiency

Attaches to Metal or Plastic Registers

No Small Parts or Magnets

Ability to Add Scented Insert

No Manual Adjustment Required

Attaches to Original Register

Magnetic Vent Cover

Plastic Magnetic Deflector

Self-Opening Deflector

Clickable Popup Deflector

Cloth Magnetic Deflector